When your business needs IT services that increase capacity, streamline business data, and add functionality without the expense of hardware upgrades and physical infrastructure, Greenbrier Technologies Cloud Solutions are your answer.

Simplify your infrastructure

Simplify your infrastructure and benefit from world-class IT, enterprise-level security, and anywhere/anytime access to your applications and data at an affordable cost. We offer a variety of Cloud Solutions to fit your business needs. From simple File Sharing and Collaboration to migrating your entire server infrastructure to the Cloud. We have you covered.

You can gain any time/anyplace access to your IT systems and data, while also having predictable IT costs, greater productivity, as well as enterprise-class security and redundancy. Imagine having your data accessible from any device including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones… no matter where you are, in a secure manner.

Unlock the value of Cloud

Hosted Exchange

Office 365

Microsoft Azure

Remote Apps

Dropbox Business

Hosted VOIP Phone Service

Migrate to the Cloud

Cloud Benefits

We collaborate with our clients to identify the most pressing cloud storage and cloud computing technology needs their business has; then, we customize, implement, and maintain a variety of cloud-based computer services including: Office 365, Dropbox, SharePoint, StorageCraft, and Microsoft Azure.

With cloud computing services from Greenbrier Technologies you will benefit from:

  • Fully supported and integrated cloud-based Hosted Exchange
  • Cloud-based storing, syncing, and retrieval of your business data
  • Access to cloud-based storage and backup functionality
  • Enhanced cloud-based email capabilities