Lighting Control

Lighting control offers value in energy savings, comfort, security and convenience. Simply dimming a light bulb can save up to 10% of the electricity consumed and extend the life expectancy of the bulb.

Lights can be dimmed, turned on and turned off according to customized schedules, detection of motion (or lack of), availability of natural light and other events.

In a corporate conference room, with the touch of a single button, lights dim as a projector is powered on and a display screen drops form the ceiling. Motion sensors can turn off lights in unoccupied storage rooms or other areas.

Home lighting can be pre-programmed to complement your individual lifestyle. Wake up to gradually increased lighting in your bedroom while lights in your walk-in closet, bathroom and kitchen prepare for your morning routine. Don’t worry about leaving them on when you leave – they’ll turn off automatically at whatever time you schedule, or if no movement is sensed after a pre-programmed length of time. You can also access and adjust control from your smart-phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world!

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Shade Control

With motorized shading solutions, you can easily raise the shades to add sunlight, or lower them to reduce heat buildup and add instant privacy. Shades can be preset to automatically open and close during a specific time a year, effectively controlling sunlight to prevent harsh U/V rays from damaging expensive furnishings. Or if you prefer, you can simply push a button to adjust them when you want, achieving the greatest beauty and efficiency in each room at all times.